Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandad John and Grandma Mary

That’s *my* 7x-Great Grandparents. I’ll have to leave you to work out your number of Greats for yourself. And if you think of it, 7x-Greats is TEN generations!

In the Family History, you will see that we can confirm the family record to 1770, the marriage of <a href="/family/individual.php?pid=I52&ged=Perrin Full Article.ged”>William Perrin and Sarah Howse. But that with a bit of luck, we can be reasonably confident of the links back to 4 baptism at Middleton Stoney, Oxfordshire, beginning in 1698, to a John Perrin and Mary.

The problem, as you will read in the family history, was who were John Perrin and Mary? You will read that one tempting possibility, but only that, was that Mary was Mary Bars, who married a John Perrin in 1696 at Marsh Gibbon. But Marsh Gibbon is the other side of Bicester, in Buckinghamshire, about 7 miles from Middleton Stoney – and there was no telling, from published indexes, where John came from, so there was no way of linking this marriage at Marsh Gibbon in 1696 with 4 baptisms at Middleton Stoney from 1698.

Dad/Norman recently wrote to the Buckinghamshire county record office and asked if they would kindly check the original parish register for Marsh Gibbon, to see if the marriage entry on 4th October 1696 contained any further information.

The reply cam back that the marriage entry read:
4 Oct 1696 John Perrin, of Middleton Stoney ….

I reckon that at this distance in time, that’s just about sufficient evidence to say that John Perrin and Mary Bars were my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandad John and Grandma Mary. In 1696.

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