James Miller in Canada

Remarkable. Only possible on the internet.

I have found and not found descendants of James Miller, whose emigration with his family I traced from Shropshire to Canada in 1884. Searching for a lost copy of a photograph of Donnington House, and discovering that the original site from which I downloaded the copy was no longer live, I did a wider search.

Finding …. a watercolour of Donnington House by Lucy Miller. James’ wife? His daughter – shortly to young to have drawn the house from life? … visit this web-site.. on a blog, “Miller Fryer” . Here are pictures of the family of James Miller. Most remarkable a photograph from maybe 1915 of all his 6 sons.

But utterly frustrating is that postings to the blog were only kept up in 2007 – and the author of the blog is known as “Barista” – who has posted no profile details nor any contact information!

So, I left a comment on one of the pictures. Maybe Barista will one day return to the blog? Or maybe see this posting? In which, case cousin, please do leave a message.

James Miller (1843 Atcham Shropshire), nephew of John Miller, (1797-1831), my 3x Great-Grandfather

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