Tom and the InterWeb

Tom’s been a busy man in recent times, living life at the forefront of the semantic web.

His recent email, and the podcast, sheds some light into where his forays in this arena have taken him.

Hey folks, please forgive the circular email…

If you’ve ever wondered what I’ve been doing the last two and a half years of my life, and I haven’t ranted to you about it at some point, then today’s your lucky day 😉

Earlier this week I did a phone interview about my PhD work, and it’s available online as one of these new-fangled “podcasts”. This means that if you’ve got some speakers or headphones connected to your PC you can listen to me talking about word of mouth recommendation, trust, social networks, and the Web of Data/Semantic Web at the address below. Even better, if you’ve got an iPod, then you can download the mp3 and listen to me while on your way to work/doing the washing up/in the bath/out jogging/wherever.

The interview is with a guy from Talis, a company in Birmingham who are doing some pretty cool stuff related to the exciting new Semantic Web. It’s part of a series of podcast “conversations with thought-leaders at the interface between Web 2.0, Libraries, and the Semantic Web…”, which sounds very posh doesn’t it? It starts off fairly general, and gets more specific and technical as it progresses, so see how you get on. If you’re inspired to write some “Revyu”s, which would all help by providing data for my PhD, then please do so(!) at:

I hope I’ll get the chance to write some more personal emails in the next few crazy months, but if not then know that I’m thinking of you amongst the work and stress. All well with the two of us, despite that work and stress 🙂 I’m preparing myself for the start of the end; Livs is almost at the end of the end, and loving the prospect of having it over and done with.

Hope you’re all really well, and life is fun. Would love to hear your news.

Take care, and happy listening,


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