C.H. her father and her family

DNA shows C.H. (a living person; name protected) is quite closely related to myself (70cM), my 2 sisters (109cM & 67cM) and an aunt (98cM) – in the range 3rd – 4th cousin. C.H.’s father is not known. The match with our aunt (for reasons other than relevant here) evidences that our ‘Most Recent Common Ancestor’ with C.H. is an ancestor of our maternal grandmother, Nellie Plant (1902-1968).

C.H.’s birth father is still proving elusive. However, by using WATO? (What Are The Odds? v2), a great deal of C.H.’s previously unknown family has been set out. By inputting into WATO? other of C.H.’s known shared matches (from Ancestry), ranging from 367cM to 45cM, a comprehensive tree has been produced. The ancestors of every DNA match entered has, as far as is possible, been checked and verified.

This first serious attempt to get to grips with WATO? (https://dnapainter.com/tools) has proved invaluable and instructive.

The Most Recent Common Ancestors we share with C.H. are almost certainly Ann Gorton (1845-) and James Plant (1838-1891) – north Staffordshire families. They had a daughter Agnes (1868-1915) who married James Mycock (1865-1944). Agnes and James had a son William Mycock (1890-1971) who emigrated to Manitoba Canada where he married Minnie Myrtle Grasby (1895-1969). So far everything points to William and Minnie as the best next steps for family history research, if C.H.’s birth father is to be found.

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