Catherine W Bishop – her family

The Bishops appear to have been quite a large family of mainly agricultural labourers, living at Rousham, Oxfordshire before William Perrin married Sarah Howse in 1770 and still living there after the last Perrin had left.

I have begun inputting BMD data for Catherine W Bishop, who married my G-G-Grandfather William Perrin: her parents, her brothers and sisters and the husband (Charles French) and children of her elder sister, Elizabeth. One of these children was Charles Owen French who became Vicar of Pudsey in Yorkshire around the start of WW1. The eldest child of these children had a curious middle name: Charlotte Agnes Besloh Owen view it. I wonder why?

2 thoughts on “Catherine W Bishop – her family

  1. tom boone says:

    hello descendants of catherine bishop—I have a sampler made by catherine bishop in 1838—can anyone tell me anything about her? Would anyone be interested in an e-mail photo of it for fun? send me an e-mail at–thanks–tommy

  2. tom boone says:

    post script: sampler has a great caption—“industry taught in early days–not only gives the teacher praise–but gives us pleasure when we view–the works that innocence can do–go on my dears strive to excell–improve in work and reading well–let book and needle both attend–to make the housewife and the friend”

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