Gunner William Perrin RM

Excited to receive from National Archives the Attestation Papers of my 2x-Great-Grandfather William Perrin. I have know for some time that prior to his joining the Berkshire police he had served with the Royal Marines, for 13 years it was said celebrex price. More than that I knew not.

He enlisted for “unlimited service” (ie life) on 3rd January 1842 at Portsmouth (his Attestation Papers being signed on 5th January) for which he received a bounty of ‘three pounds seventeen and sixpence’. He served until 12 July 1851, when he bought himself out “at his own request having paid the sum of £15”, a remarkable amount I would have thought.

He served on Retribution, Penelope, Spiteful, Blenheim and either (probably) Constance or Centaur. The doubt as to this last is frustrating as it was his longest period of service on any ship – 2 years 5 months and 26 days, leaving the Marines just 11 days after his return to England – but the records show the name of both ships for the exact same period. Looking at the ships’ records, it seems William may have seen action off the West African coast, chasing Brazilian slavers.

His Attestation record says he was 23, 6 feet tall, with hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

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