Mallin rested

For the time being, I must leave Hannah Mallin and her family. Hannah’s christening (her birth was in 1804) remains to be discovered and her parents elusive. There is a wealth of Mallin data in West Bromwich and the surrounding area. Indeed, everything points to Mallin (perhaps with this spelling) being a west midlands surname. However, I have not yet found a ‘key’ that ‘unlocks’ the data. More research. Another day.

William Mallin (1796) added

Just now added Hannah Mallin’s brother William to the family. Had to do it by creating an “Unknown Mallin” father for Hannah and then entering William as his son; which is a rather cumbersome way about it, though I could see no other way of adding William, otherwise. I also added two marriages for William – to Susannah Smith in 1829 and to Miriam Briscoe in 1833. I’m taking a chance on these two – deductions from marriage records, rather than proven. From the same source, there is some suggestion of other brothers and sisters – but no clear evidence. Nor of parents. Nor of Hannah’s christening.

Hannah Mallin & Her Family

I’ve been spending a little time with my Great-Great-Great Grandma Hannah Mallin. Although when she married at All Saints, West Bromwich in Staffordshire, she was said to be ‘of this parish’, I have as yet found no trace of her birth in the All Saints baptisms on the IGI. I should no doubt get a full transcript of the register. 

Between the IGI, the online National Burial Index and online copies of marriage registers, I’ve compiled much information but no more light.  Hannah’s parents and possible siblings, apart from brother William (1796-1873) of whom I have previous record, remain elusive. For now.