James Miller in Canada

Remarkable. Only possible on the internet.

I have found and not found descendants of James Miller, whose emigration with his family I traced from Shropshire to Canada in 1884. Searching for a lost copy of a photograph of Donnington House, and discovering that the original site from which I downloaded the copy was no longer live, I did a wider search. Continue reading


I will from time to time leave notes here on what I’ve been up to as far as updating the tree bupropion online.

Most recently, I’ve done some work on basic entries for the family of Richard William Perrin (1857).

I also had a fresh look at Richard Miller and Anna Ward, parents of John Miller (1797) whose sister Anna married Richard Bayley, whose 1813 schoolboy copybook we still have, in bureau with ‘secret drawers’ that was made for or belonged to Richard Bayley.

Richard Miller, “of Halesowen” when he married Anna, is something of a stumbling block. Anna Ward offers at least her parents. Richard and Anna had seven known children.