In 1972, while I was living and working as a young teacher in Kenya, my mother sent me her handwritten copy of a cutting from a 1914 Abingdon, Berkshire, newspaper:

Among those who lost their lives consequent upon the wreck of the hospital ship “Rohilla” which struck a mine and was blown on to the rocks off Whitby when trying to regain the shore, was William Perrin, son of Richard W Perrin, formerly of Abingdon, and nephew of Mr Robert A Perrin of Ock Street, Abingdon.

The report was of his funeral and listed among the mourners:

Mr Robert A Perrin (uncle of the dead man) has now left serving their King and country the following relatives:

Robert A Perrin and George H Perrin (Pay Corps); Alfred A Perrin (Coldstream Guards); Clement E Perrin, Sergeant, and Norman C Perrin, Private, both of the 4th (Foreign Service) Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment.

Basil Perrin, of the Admiral’s flagship “Prince of Wales”, now temporarily attached Signaller, HMS Crusader.
Ernest G Cooper, Gunner, Royal Field Artillery.

Dorothy Collett, training as a Red Cross Nurse

From this my mother, with Dad’s help, made up our first family tree. So began a lifelong interest. One result, today, is this website.

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Most of all, Enjoy!

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